Tanya Currie

Occupational Therapist




Initial Session and Screening

Screening assessment using parent interview, observation and informal screening tools. 

Brief report with summary of screening results, goals and strategies for therapy.


Inclusive of a 45 minute session and 30 minutes to write brief report.  

Assessment & Comprehensive Report 

Comprehensive assessment using standardised and informal assessment tools. Inclusive of a full report with assessment results, goals and strategies.

Assessment- $190 per hour

Report- $190 per hour

Prices vary for total cost- please request a quote. 

Therapy Session

Individual therapy session provided as:

  • A mobile service to the home or education setting
  • A video conference to the home or education setting (e.g. using Zoom)

Each session is inclusive of 10 minutes of non face to face support provision to prepare for the session, do session notes and communicate post therapy session to parents and/ or educators.  

$200 - 65 minute session

$160 - 50 minute session 

$110 - 35 minute session 

          (Telehealth only)

Travel costs may apply. 

 Progress Report

Brief report of child's progress towards meeting mutually established goals.


 Home Program

6 week home program, including activity ideas and resource suggestions.

$190 per hour of development